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Friends and Enemies #4
Friends and Enemies 4
Publication Date
April 1995





Spider-Man and everyone break free of their containment and mobilise to take on The Hostiles. Diamond Hammer attacks but is forced back and Makina freezes The Hostiles armour so they can't escape. The Metahumes decide they must kill them so their loved ones are sage but Spider-Man and the New Warriors block their path asking them to change their mind. Then another of the Hostiles simultaneously gains the powers of all the crystals at once and transforms into a giant crystalline monster absorbing the other Hostiles into his body. Spider-Man reverses the effects of the crystals and the creature returns back into the four Hostile members, all now dead. The crystals use the last of their energy to return to their home-world and the Metahumes depart, Diamond Hammer leaving their group for good to go it alone.

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