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Friends and Enemies #1
Friends and Enemies 1
Publication Date
January 1995






Seven Crystals are dropped by Darkhawk in Madison Square Park. Elias Flynn and Carl Hollister are playing cards winning $30000 in cash through cheating, they go to Madison Square park in the hopes of finding more money. Fiona Rivera, Denise Havens, Alexander Patel, Barbara DeGioia and Edward Wong are at the park hoping to if the Channel Surfers will give a free concert when Denise sees the glow given off by the crystals, they all take a crystal with Carl and Elias turning up and taking two for themselves. The crystals then begin to emanate with power and give them super-powers. Speedball and Nova arrive but are politely asked to leave with Darkhawk finally appearing, enraged that he has lost the crystals. All of them then realize through the day they have gained different abilities and come together and fall under Elias' new ability of mind control and are forged into the Metahumes. Darkhawk returns to the New Warriors Headquarters and together he Nova and Speedball agree to look for the Metahumes thinking they will be scared and in need of help with their new abilities, after an initial failed attempt they ask Spider-Man for help and set off again.

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