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Spider-Man Noir #4
Spider-Man Noir Issue 4
Publication Date
May 2009






Vulture tries to take May Parker captive but is killed by Spider-Man. May condemns his actions even though he told her Vulture was going to kill her saying she doesn't want to live in a world where people kill each other like animals.

Felicia Hardy reveals she saw Ben Urich murdered by the Chameleon though she thought it was J. Jonah Jameson and so went to his offices and killed him herself. Norman Osborn announces he will kill Felicia soon but then Spider-Man turns up.

In the ensuing fight Spider-man kicks Kraven into a chamber of Spider's that killed Fancy Dan and Felicia is taken hostage by Norman as he escapes. Spider-Man follows Norman and Felicia escapes, they fight and Norman's true appearance is revealed and he tells Spider-Man to kill him. He refuses and Kraven, covered in Spider's appears and he and Norman falls into a river.

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