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Spider-Man Noir #3
Spider-Man Noir Issue 3
Publication Date
April 2009






Spider-Man find Ben Urich dead in his apartment. The Chameleon still as J. Jonah Jameson is at the mercy of Norman Osborn after ransacking Ben's apartment and being unable to locate the evidence he had on them. Felicia Hardy was given the information to safeguard and hands it over to Peter Parker telling him he would know what to do with it, but to not trust those at the Daily Bugle. Spider-Man begins to use Ben information to start to bring Norman down, stopping his associates, and his operations, leaving his Spider's Calling Card so he knows who is doing it. Norman demands the Spider-Man be stooped and Ox reveals he saw Peter and Felicia together the day after Ben's death and they decide one of the two must be Spider-Man or are at least tipping him off. Spider-Man goes to the Daily Bugle to find out why Jameson's newspaper now backs the Goblin instead of fighting him, entering he finds him shot and flees as the police break in. Felicia and the real J. Jonah Jameson are kidnapped by Norman's men.

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