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Spider-Man Noir #1
Spider-Man Noir Issue 1
Publication Date
February 2009






Someone claiming to be J. Jonah Jameson rings the police to tell them he has been shot. The police break into his office to find Spider-Man over the body of Jameson. Spider-Man escapes though he is clipped by a bullet.

The story then goes back three weeks to Ben Urich who is at a rally led by May Parker. The Enforcers turn up telling her to shut up and to stop giving the homeless hope and Montana ties her up, Peter tries to intervene but is thrown aside. Ben takes a picture threatening to go to the Bugle so The Enforcers back off for the moment. The three of them go back to Bowery Welfare Center and leave May there, Ben taking Peter to the Black Cat. Norman Osborn arrives and talks to Peter who throws a drink in his face for mentioning his uncles name, and they are forced to leave. Ben takes him to the Daily Bugle and Jameson hires him as Ben's personal assistant. Over a few weeks Peter sees the true corruption of the city which makes him want to stop it even more at all costs.

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