Maximum Carnage
Maximum Carnage
Collected Trade Paperback (2004)
Publication Date
May-August 1993

This is about the Spider-Man story-arc. For the 1994 video game see: Venom and Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage.

Maximum Carnage is a fourteen-part story arc that published in 1993 that crosses over many Spider-Man titles and features appearances by many Marvel heroes. It's story deals with Spider-Man and Venom teaming up with many other heroes to defeat Carnage and his murderous new "family".






After Carnage is defeated by Spider-Man and Venom in Amazing Spider-Man #363, he is sent back to Ravencroft Institue. He slaughters everyone there, escapes, rallies a "family" (Shriek, Doppleganger, Carrion, and Demogoblin), to help him kill and turn the citizens of New York against one another. Spider-Man must team up with Venom and more heroes to stop them.

For more detail, see Chapter Summaries:

Significance and ReceptionEdit

In the introduction of the collected edition of Maximum Carnage by J.M. DeMatteis entitled "Darkness, Light... And Free Food" he stated that they were looking to really test the limits when it came to Maximum Carnage. They banded a group of cold blooded killers in the story-arc and it was pretty much the ultimate evil versus good. Carnage and his family didn't care who they killed and it set a much darker tone. No motive except for chaos.

The story-arc spawned off into a video game and a toyline by ToyBiz.

The reception was fair. Lots of fans enjoyed the cross-over and the constant struggle between the two groups. Others called the arc "Maximum Garbage" and said the arc just dragged on.

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