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Professor Miles Warren
Carrion (clone;deceased)
Warren Miles (clone;deceased)
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Jackal is the super-villain identity of Dr. Miles Warren. After resolving to ruin Peter Parker/Spider-Man, he used his knowledge in bio-chemistry to plan many high scale plans including The Clone Saga and the events of Spider-Island.


The Jackal has a similar appearance to that of the Green Goblin. His ears are long, and his teeth and nails are long, much like an actual jackal. His fur is green, and he is usually only wearing green (or more recently) blue underwear.


  • After regeneration, the Jackal's speed, agility and strength increase to super-human levels.
  • He is skilled in body and mind: he is a biochemist and cloning expert; and also a martial arts expert.


After the death of Gwen Stacy, whom Miles Warren came to love, Miles became obsessed with cloning, and when his partner, Anthony Serba, found out, Miles killed him . Miles blamed his wrong doings on someone else, the Jackal, and birthed another personality from the persona of the Jackal. It was the Jackal's goal to destroy Spider-Man, for allowing Gwen to die.

Role in the Spider-Man SeriesEdit

The PunisherEdit

In his first appearance as the Jackal, he tried to convince The Punisher to kill Spider-Man, claiming Spider-Man was a violent criminal that had to be stopped. Spider-Man easily bested The Punisher, so to get The Punisher enraged, the Jackal killed one of The Punisher's friends, claiming it was Spider-Man. During their second encounter, Spider-Man pointed out that there were claw marks on The Punisher's friend, and The Punisher left. The Jackal remained in the shadows.

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