“Gun Metal is go.”
   — Burnt Orange
Gun Metal
Halltech Armour
Halltech Employee
First Appearance
Carnage #2
February 2011
Last Appearance
Carnage #4
June 2011 (Death)

For a list of Comics and Story-Arcs Gun Metal has appeared in see: Gun Metal (Appearances).

Gun Metal is an employee of Halltech.


He alongside others wear a prototype exo-skeleton using space salvage which is made from titanium-augmented symbiotic alloy which is protected under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act. The symbiotic alloy was formed from parts of Carnages body.


  • Presumably like Royal Blue, the ability to shoot a symbiotic-biomass from his gun which pins downs crowds and stops them interfering in his business.
  • There armor can work, fuse together with each others, for instance Royal Blue, Paris Green and Gun Metal create a giant gun to attack Iron Man.

Role in the Spider-Man SeriesEdit


He alongside Paris Green, Firebrick, Burnt Orange, Royal Blue confront Iron Man and Spider-Man when they try to enter Halltech grounds. He is killed by Carnage as the symbiotic armor means he can control him, he becomes merged with Carnage causing Carnage to become much larger and more powerful.

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