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Carnage #3
Carnage Issue 3
Publication Date
April 2011
Clayton Crain
Clayton Crain







Tanis Nieves fights the Carnage symbiote refusing to let it take over.

People look over the dead Spider-Man Doppleganger trying to find useful technology from its remains when they bio-outreak alarm sounds and so leave it.

Royal Blue, Paris Green, Firebrick, Gun Metal and Burnt Orange attack Carnage but fail and when Spider-Man and Iron Man intervene it flies away.

Frances Louise Barrison is moved back to her cell when the alarm sounds but due to sheer stress it causes her the Spider-Man Doppleganger come back to life and runs to her aid. The Dopppleganger is shot at and nearly dies again when Frances personality of Shriek suddenly breaks free again and kills the guards.

Royal Blue, Paris Green, Firebrick, Gun Metal, Burnt Orange , Spider-Man and Iron Man follow Carnage to into New York City and believe he is going after Michael Hall and so go to save him. However he reveals to them that Carnage is returning to Cletus Kasady who they also saved from space with the symbiote.

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