• Stan Richards of Windsor

    I am just here to let our few fans thusfar know that I will be returning shortly. I am still clueless on Tom's plan, but I'm sure he will make an appearance soon as well. Anyways, the first thing I want to do is really crack down on categorization and categories. Due to the vast amount of multiple universes, I need collaboration on a good system we can use to ensure that all users are accessing the information they need without getting confused.

    We also need more editors and pages. Many major characters are still at large, and information is needed. For now, NEW USERS: please do not attempt to create Power Grids for characters. I am using information to The Official Guide to the Marvel Universe to complete them. In the future I may add the …

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  • Tomrowley

    Hi again to all Spider-Man fans.

    All updates I am thinking of adding to the Homepage have to be checked and approved by Stan Richards, after all her did set up the wiki, however I hope he likes the changes I have made so far.

    Latest Additions:

    Added a little image to the side bar.

    Implemented a table which scrolls through different heroes, villains, women and when I finish it men aswell. This will be added to as more characters are added to the site so keeo a watch out for new pictures on it :) I am going to add a paragraohs above it talking about the sheer amount of characters in the Spider-Man Universe as-well.

    Definite things to come soon:

    A Quote of the Day will be added to the side bar once we have a substantial amount to keep it going for …

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  • Stan Richards of Windsor

    Help Wanted

    February 25, 2012 by Stan Richards of Windsor

    On this wiki, we need any help from any Spider-Man fans. No piece of information is to small for our Wiki. Within time, I want this wiki to over-shadow the original one as, Tom put it, it's quite shabby.

    A page a day from even one person is helpful. A wiki needs to be a tight-net community, so stop on by and add your Spider-Man knowledge.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact myself (Stan Richards), or Tom Rowley, and we will get a prompt reply to you.

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  • Tomrowley


    February 25, 2012 by Tomrowley

    Hi all Spider-Man fans.

    We hopefully in a short while have updated the hompeage to include featured articles, images and quotes as well as other information to make this wiki appealing to all you fans.

    If you have any other ideas that may be useful to include on the Homepage please lets us know.

    And if anyone knows how to get the News Feed working properly please inform us how.

    Thank you.

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