The Spider-Man Saga incorporates many alternate universes, which in the grand scheme of the Marvel Universe, are called "Earths". The mainstream earth is Earth-616.

List of Different EarthsEdit

Earth-616 The Mainstream Reality of the Spider-Man Saga with The Amazing Spider-Man.
Earth-1610 The Ultimate Universe. This encompasses Ultimate Spider-Man.
Earth-1218 This is reality, our universe where Spider-Man is a string of fictional characters set on different earths.
Earth-15 Exiles Comics, where Spider-Man is recruited into Weapon X.
Earth-26 Dark Reign: Fantastic Four, where Spider-Man looses his powers by Reeds Richards.
Earth-161 X-Men Forever, where mutants are in danger of the condition Burnout, which strips them of their mutant abilities after a time.
Earth-1089 What If? Spider-Man had fully bonded with Venom?
Earth-6215 Marvel Team-Up. Where most super-heroes are killed by the time traveling Chronok.
Earth-25663 Spider-Man: The Clone Saga
Earth-26496 The Spectacular Spider-Man (TV Show)
Earth-751263 The Spider-Man Unlimited (TV Show)
Earth-90214 Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without A Face
Earth-92131 Spider-Man: The Animated Series
Earth-96283 Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy and associated video games and books.
Earth-TRN026 Spider-Man: Friend of Foe

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